We are always branching out and making new things.  

Check out these cows we made for Natalie of www.myvintageporch.com and Jeannie with @theblushingbean.

Back in late 2016 a contractor working with Bahama Breeze restaurants asked the Moores to make some custom work for a BB location in Fort Meyer that was being renovated.  

After several design meetings Alan and BB decided that a Red Stripe Red Snapper and an all soda/beer can Macaw would be a great fit for the restaurant.  This initial project has led to others.

We love making custom work.  Many owners/collectors over the years have come up with great ideas that we have had the privilege turning into beautiful, handmade, upcycled, folk art.

In our home studio south of Denver, Colorado we keep over 5500 vintage steel soda and beer cans in stock along with over 150,000 different bottle caps-old and new, domestic and import, some dating all the way back to 1915.

We primarily sell our work out of galleries and our home studio but a few times a year we team up with local cafes, restaurants, or bars and throw our bright, colorful, upcycled, art on the walls.  

Local business owners Brad and Pe ( Yo Colorado ) helped us connect with The Match Box, a bar in the RINO neighborhood north of downtown Denver.

Alan Moore has been making upcycled folk art for over 25 years.  It all started when his high school art teacher introduced him to the primitive/folk art genre.  

Along with selling their work nationally Alan and his daughters teach upcycled art workshops in Colorado and they also have a creative team teaching workshops in Florida.

The Moore's upcycled projects for kids were recently featured with Country Living Magazine - Live on Facebook.

What a honor to team up with our friends at Breck Create and live and work in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Here is a description of the Breck Create Artist Residency Program: 

The Tin Shop and Robert Whyte House provide opportunities for artists to live and work on the Breckenridge Arts District campus. Artists are invited to stay for periods of two weeks up to a month or more depending on program needs.

Breckenridge is a family favorite of ours for day trips and vacations.  Whether you are up for a summer hike, skiing, or checking out the fall colors, Breckenridge is a gorgeous place to visit.  

Back in November 2016 I applied for an artist residency with the Breckenridge Arts District.   We were thrilled to be accepted to stay at the historic Tin Shop, living and creating our bright, colorful, upcycled, folkart.  

We will be in Breck from February 3-19.

When we left sunny NW Florida for even sunnier Denver,Colorado three years ago we left lots of family and friends behind.  The move was bitter sweet.

Art opportunities come in all shapes and sizes.  A few weeks ago Alan entered a Pabst Blue Ribbon art contest.  PBR has an annual contest in categories of 2D, 3D, and Can Art.  Alan submitted a 3D large trout pieces made from four different PBR bottle caps and vintage steel PBR cans.  Winners are chosen in February 2017.  

In the meantime Alan was invited by PBR Colorado to a local event called PBR Art Showcase in Denver.