We love making custom work.  Many owners/collectors over the years come up with great ideas that we have had the privilege turning into beautiful, handmade, upcycled, folk art.

In our home studio south of Denver, Colorado we keep over 5000 vintage steel soda and beer cans in stock along with over 120,000 different bottle caps-old and new, domestic and import.  We keep an abundant stock of upcycled materials so we can turn around custom orders in a mater of a few weeks.  

If you have seen our work you have a good idea of what we have created over the last several years.

About four years ago Jen Pike asked me to make some art for her family seafood restaurant in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  Up to that point, for several years, I had been playing around with upcycled material and paint in my work but had not created anything that was specifically Floridacentric.  I had resisted making beachy or nautical works not wanting to fall into any kind of cliche, cheap, tourist art genre.

Join folk artists Alan, Isabella, and Emma at Show of Hands (Cherry Creek North Art District) this fall and create your own unique one of a kind upcycled art.

Thanks to Amavida Coffee and Tea (Rosemary Beach, Florida) for hosting Isabella and Emma's exhibit opening for UP! - A Junk Art Exhibit

Thanks for Gileah and Chris for the beautiful music!

UP! will be on the walls at Amavida until August 31st.

Enter now and you could win this "Bike 30A" art by southern folk artist Alan Moore! 

This $900 piece measures 45" x 20" and we're giving it away to one random fan on July 27th. 

Enter starting July 9th. To find out more about the Moores and their art visit their July and August exhibit at Amavida Coffee and Tea / 30A.com Store in Rosemary Beach, FL.

The Moore sell their bright, colorful, upcyled, folk art nationally at art festivals, galleries, exhibits, shops, and restaurants.   

Currently the Moore's create in their home studio in the Denver, Colorado area where they ship their work across America.

Alan, Isabella, and Emma make custom work and sell from their studio.

Always cool teaming up with local breweries for a good cause...

CLICK HERE to bid on this huge Breckenridge Brewery Trout made by Alan, Isabella, and Emma Moore.  All proceeds benefit the LPS Foundation.


The Moores are an artistic family who live in beautiful Colorado and sunny Florida. They make bright, colorful, folk art out of salvaged and upcycled materials. They sell their work nationally as well as in galleries all along the Front Range.

Always a pleasure teaming up with Mugs Coffee Lounge for an art exhibit.  Mugs vision is local, fair trade and community oriented.  

This will be the third year exhibiting at Mugs and we look forward to many more.  Thanks McCabe and Kait for all your help and support of The Moore Family Folk Art.

We drop off art at Mugs in late March.  We will post photos throughout April and May.